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Every treatment is set in holding space for healing to occur and promises to explore each individual as a unique whole in order to find the root of the symptoms being experienced.
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Drawing on my knowledge & experience I constantly maintain intentional space, open communication and a safe comfortable environment for each person to peacefully flow back into their naturally balanced state. Most of the time, a diet and lifestyle change of some kind, the addition of specific supplements as well as Chinese Medicinal herbs are suggested in order to facilitate a quicker return back to health.
  • Please arrive a few minutes EARLY to your appointment so you may enjoy deeper relaxation during your treatment.
  • Please come wearing loose fitting, comfortable clothing.
  • It is best to have a little something in your stomach before getting your treatment.
If you would like to know if your insurance covers acupuncture treatments, I am happy to help you find out. Also, if your employer will cover your acupuncture costs, I can bill for FSA or HSA accounts and Workman's Comp as well. I do ask that everyone receiving treatment pay for the cost at the time of service and then be reimbursed by their insurance company or employer. 
Things to Bring
  • X-rays or any type of lab work associated with your condition
  • A list of medications and/or supplements currently being taken.
  • A record of your diet: 3 days before your first appointment.
  • An old t-shirt to wear home if we are working on back pain.
  • Check, cash, credit card or paypal are accepted for payments.
Cancellation Policy
Kindly allow at least 48 hours notice to reschedule your appointment. In the event that you miss your appointment without proper notice, a $50 fee will be charged.
Background Information on the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture & Herbs
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Based on Taoist beliefs, TCM is an ancient Chinese healing system which balances energy meridians in the body. Just the way arteries and veins carry blood throughout the body, 18 meridians carry vital energy or Qi. In a perfectly balanced body, energy flows smoothly through each point of every meridian.

TCM has been practiced for thousands of years and it continues to evolve. Millions of people are becoming more aware of how to use alternative Medicines to supplement their health care. This holistic Medicine individualizes treatments using acupuncture, herbs and nutrition. This medicine is quite dynamic in that it addresses an individual by looking at the mind, body and spirit and is therefore referred to as a holistic medicine. TCM is based on a yin/yang theory where balance is the key and it is based on the world around us.

TCM is a valuable tool when used as a preventative Medicine and it can also be extremely helpful in treating any imbalance in the body. From muscle strain to headaches to allergies to irregular menstrual cycles and even to cancer, TCM is a Medicine that focuses on strengthening a person and is tailored to fit each individual. No two treatments are ever exactly alike just as each human body is different. Most people soon find relief and show a marked improvement in more ways than one when the balance in their bodies is restored.

One of the methods used to achieve this balance is Acupuncture. By stimulating key points, the body’s natural self-curing system is activated. In order to receive a treatment, very fine needles are placed at key points which correspond to specific body organs in order to cure disease, dysfunction and ease pain. Only sterile, one-time use only needles are used. I have been told that I am a gentle acupuncturist.

Other techniques that are related include electroacupuncture (low voltage electric current on the points) as well as acupressure, Tui Na, cupping, ear seeds, gua sha and moxabustion therapy.


One of the most important parts of TCM is the use of Chinese Medicinal herbs. I believe it is very important to use non-toxic and safe herbs and therefore only prescribe the highest quality herbs. There are hundreds of Chinese herbs, from honeysuckle to frankincense to oyster shell, used to compliment the acupuncture therapy. A formula of these Medicinals is custom made to each person. They are available in several forms including pills, powders, tinctures or cooked raw herbs.