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My approach explores each individual as a unique whole in order to find the root of the symptoms being experienced. Once the root is addressed, the branch or the symptoms will subside. Our journey involves finding where the body has become imbalanced and restoring the balance using the correct acupuncture points and Chinese Medicinal Herbs.
I care wholeheartedly for my client’s well being, embracing dialogue, participation and open communication to offer all my Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge and expertise to give my clients a deeper understanding of their bodies and their own healing process.

I strive to make my clients feel like they are being heard when they speak, like they are being taken care of and allowed the space to fully release and relax.

My process involves a very thorough medical history and intake and also inquiries about my clients’ everyday experience with life. From here we can build a foundation to work from by assessing the root of the imbalance and finding one’s constitutional deficiency or excess. Once the correct diagnosis is made, acupuncture points to address the imbalance are chosen as well as medicinal Chinese herbs if necessary. Dietary recommendations as well as supplements are commonly recommended to further aid in the process of regaining balance.